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How to improve your credit score?

It’s really important to understand the things you can do to improve your credit score which should help getting car finance with bad credit easier.

Zuto help thousands of customers with poor credit get car finance and want to share handy tips on how you can improve your score to increase your chances further.

  • Use credit little and often: Using credit, such as a credit card, regularly and responsibly is key to improving your credit score. Using your credit card and paying off the balance each month will show prospective lenders that you are reliable when it comes to repaying credit. Setting up a direct debit to pay your credit card bill is a really good way to make sure you don’t miss any payments.
  • Fix mistakes on your credit report: if information isn’t accurate such as an account showing as ‘open’ instead of ‘closed’ then you should amend that to improve your credit score.
  • Get on the electoral roll: doing this allows credit reference agencies to verify who you are and will increase your chances to get credit.
  • Avoid making multiple credit applications in a short space of time: try to avoid numerous ‘hard searches’ in a short period of time. Applying with Zuto means we don’t ‘hard search’ until you are happy with the finance offer and want to proceed.
  • Pay your bills on time: forgetting to pay your bills suggests to some lenders that you struggle to manage credit well. Setting up direct debits is a great way to keep on top of things like this.

If you’re worried about your current credit score, we’d recommend gaining access to your report. ClearScore offers access to your score and report for free.

Written by

Mike Barlow

Content Manager

Mike has worked at Zuto since 2018 and uses his experience within the industry to help customers understand the ins and outs of car finance.

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