4 questions to prevent car buyers regret

4 questions to prevent car buyers regret

So, you’re thinking about buying a new car. What questions do you ask yourself before deciding what to go for? Or do you just choose what your heart desires?

If you’re in the second group, you really should think twice, or you may end up with buyers regret. Think it doesn’t happen? Think again. According to recent research 47% of people regret buying the car they chose.

In fact, the research showed the respondents described how they felt towards their recent car purchase as ‘hate’, which is not a place you want to be in. So, how can you prevent buyers regret?

Well, it’s not always possible, but the chances of it happening can be reduced dramatically if you ask yourself these 4 simple questions before taking the plunge. Now some of them may seem really obvious, but it’s always worth having a check list so you don’t forget anything.

Question 1: Do I want the car for anything specific?

Here we’re thinking of things like towing a caravan or trailer, or attaching a roof rack or bike rack. It’s true that these days you’ll probably be able to do the things we’ve mentioned with most cars, but it’s not a given, so it’s always worth checking.

Question 2: Does my car need to be a specific size?

Think about where you’ll be parking it. If you have a garage, make sure you check that the car will fit in it (you’d be surprised at how many people forget this!). Then think about what you need to put in it. Do you have to fit certain things in it, like a buggy or booster seat or sporting equipment?

Question 3: What are the most essential features for me?

Do you want the car to be efficient? Or is that not an issue, but being sporty is? Does it need to be big enough for a family? Does it need to have cruise control for long journeys? You might also want to consider things like resale value and reliability too. Do you want it to be petrol, diesel or an electric hybrid?

Question 4: What kinds of journeys will I be doing more of?

If you live in the countryside, and most of your driving will be done on muddy roads, you might want to think about a 4x4. If you live in a city, and mostly carry out shorter journeys, something small might be better, especially when you take ease of parking into account. And, of course, if you do longer motorway journeys, comfort and cruise control are probably going to be driving factors for what kind of car you go for.

Test Driving!

When you’ve answered these questions and you’ve decided on a make and model the next thing you should do, without fail, is test drive it. This is a vital piece of the car buying process, but one that gets overlooked by lots of people. The same research we highlighted above also showed that one in five people don’t test drive before they buy.

This is a big, big mistake. You should always test drive at least the model you want to buy, if not the actual car you want to buy. This way you can see if you like how it drives, the visibility you have, the space you have, the accessibility and so on. However, at Zuto we’d always advise that you test drive the actual car you want to buy.

Unless you do, you’ll not be able to see that those brake pads need changing, or that the clutch is slipping, or the air conditioning is not working – do you see what we’re getting at here.

If you want to know more about how to do the perfect test drive, here you go – Test Drive Tips.

And there you have it, now go get that new car!

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