Can You Save Money on Tyres?

Can You Save Money on Tyres?

Discount Tyres

There’s a lot of parts to a car. So much that if you’re buying a car, particularly a used one, it can be overwhelming thinking about all the things to check.

But if there’s one thing you’re going to pay attention to, it should be tyres. These connect the car to the ground, they’re literally what keeps you on the road. It can seem like new tyres or tyre maintenance is expensive, but when you put it into perspective in terms of their role in your driving and safety, it’s a price worth paying.

One option for saving money on tyres is to buy cheaper, non-branded tyres as opposed to the premium brands.

Unless you drive something like a Porsche (which has specific tyre requirements) it can be quite confusing working out whether cheaper tyres will actually be good value. After all if something goes wrong with your tyres it can be expensive and dangerous.

Keeping your tyres properly inflated is crucial to proper car maintenance, no matter what kind of tyres you have.

The way you drive will also have an impact on how your tyres perform. Lots of braking and accelerating can wear them down, so if you drive in urban areas you’re more likely to need high quality tyres.

However do remember that cheap doesn’t always mean value: some things are cheap for a reason so do your research and never compromise your safety.

Part Worn Tyres

Used or part worn tyres are another budget option, but they also need to be carefully considered.

Part worn tyres should come with a stamp and record of work carried out on them but research suggests that this doesn’t always happen, so it’s important that if you do buy them you check them yourself.

Make sure the tread depth is over 3mm – the legal minimum is 1.6mm but there is no point buying below around 3mm. Try and get more if possible. Make sure there are no lumps or bulges, and that there isn’t uneven wear.

Some problems can be invisible, so you need to understand the risk you’re taking. Like with discount tyres, it will depend on how much you drive and the style of driving.

The best way to save on your tyres is to care for them properly:

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