Car Loan 4U does its bit for Sport Relief

At Car Loan 4U, we thought what better way to showcase our employees’ team spirit and help raise money for Sport Relief at the same time than by holding our very own sports day.

Employees paid a £2 contribution for a dress-down day in our offices last Friday, while many were up the night before cooking a delicious selection of cakes to sell on the day. Everyone embraced the idea and many employees came into work dressed in the sports theme wearing football shirts and shorts.

It was then left to the exciting part of the day – the sports events.

We have a very competitive spirit within the company, but there were some who perhaps took that to the next level. Our Operations Director Matt Heaney refused to initially reveal his team for the events and then went even further and held try-outs!

But the trials clearly paid off, as Matt’s team won the egg and spoon relay race and hula hoop competition!

We held a total of four events in and outside the offices throughout the day; kicking off with an egg and spoon race, which saw more eggs dropped than it did people finish.

The second event was the hula hooping, and as you may notice from the above video, this is certainly more of a specialist event. It’s clear that a few of our employees got some practice in to make it look more effortless than we imagined.

As you can see from our video of the action, watching all the events unfold was pretty exciting. It wouldn’t be a proper sports day without at least one person falling over, and the odds were always going to be high when it came to the three-legged race, which didn’t disappoint.

A mass bundle of people attempting to run and jump at the same time to try and win the race was always going to end in chaos, but amidst many employees falling over mid-sprint, we did have a few gallant runners who made it to the finish.

It’s safe to say that this was our favourite event.

The tug of war though was pretty entertaining and it’s hard to think of a better competition to really bring out the competitive edge in people. A few sore hands later and we eventually had our winners from the final event.

The winners of each event took home either a medal or trophy, so it’s safe to say there were a few smug employees by the end of the day.

The winners were as follows:

In total, Car Loan 4U raised £535 for Sport Relief, which goes towards poor and disadvantaged people in the UK and around the world.

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