DVLA banning rude registration plates

Getting a personalised number plate is one way that drivers can set themselves apart from the motoring masses.

Yet while registration numbers that recreate drivers’ first names, or reveal their trade, such as Paul Daniel’s ‘MAG IC’, are fairly innocuous, others veer into the realm of the downright offensive.

Famous nameplates that come under the former category include hairdresser Nicky Clarke’s ‘H4I RD0’ and boxer Amir Khan’s ‘BOX IIIG’ – just the kind of neutral registration plates that are unlikely to ruffle the DVLA’s feathers.

However, the DVLA has taken objection to some of the combination of numbers and letters on the ‘11’, ‘61’, ‘12’ or a ‘62’ number plates, banning 250 rude registrations that they fear would raise eyebrows wherever they are encountered.

Among those plates that have fallen foul of DVLA etiquette, include ‘DR12 UGS’, ‘DD12 UNK’, ‘BU62 GER’, ‘HE12 OIN’ and ‘LE61 ESS’.

Registrations with sexual connotations, created with ‘12’ and ‘62’ number plates, have also received the chop. These include those that end with ‘2HAG’ and ‘2LUT’ as well as those plates that end with ‘BUM’.

The DVLA said: “We have withdrawn them as they could cause offence or embarrassment on the grounds of political or racial sensitivities or are in poor taste.”

Registrations plates that appear to point at terrorism have also been blacklisted, including ‘AF61 HAN’ and ‘J–1 HAD’.

The ‘11’ number plate in March 2011 also saw the following plates pulled, including: ‘CA11 GRL’, ‘FI11 THY’, ‘BA11 SUP’, ‘BA11 BAG’, ‘PR11 CKS’, ‘CR11 MES’ and ‘AK11 LER’.

Each year the DVLA bans a number of registrations. Some of the plates that are expected to be banned in the next year include ‘AB13 ORT’ and ‘SO13 OMY’.

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