Exercises you can do in your car

Exercises you can do in your car

As promised, here’s the first of the solutions to the problems we presented in the dangerous driving blog last Friday. And this one addresses the first issue on the list – you get less time to move.

So one way you can rectify your lack of movement on your commute is to exercise in your car. You can do this while you’re sitting in traffic jams (not that we’d wish these on anyone), at traffic lights or when you’re stopped for any other reason really.

And it should be fairly obvious, but we need to say it anyway – always be safe. Don’t attempt to do these exercises when you’re actually driving.

Now, we could write a list of descriptive instructions for you, which would do the job. But it can sometimes be tricky to visualise how a set of written exercises should be performed in ‘real life’.

So, to make it as easy as we can for you, we’ve scoured YouTube to find videos that show you how to do the exercises. One demonstrates some moves to help release tension and prevent stiffness, and the other contains strength exercises, so you can actually improve your muscle strength too. Maybe do one set on the way to work and the other on the way home.

First up, Dr Raffi Grigorian, Chiropractic, who gives us Caracise. To begin with, he’s going to show you how to make sure your posture is correct while you’re driving, which will automatically help prevent stiffness and aching. Then he’ll move on to five exercises to keep your muscles relaxed while you’re on your way, so you arrive at your destination stress-free and ready to go.

Next it’s Brazilian jujitsu and martial artist Ando Mierzwa – or Sensei Ando. He shows you how to do strength exercises in the car, so you’ll actually be building your muscles while you’re commuting. You can skip the part between 5.ll-10.08, unless you’d like to learn about mentally preparing yourself for being in an arm lock, or practicing choke holds, while participating in martial arts.

And there you have it. Two sets of exercises that help address the lack of movement you have while sitting in your car on your commute.

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