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With the Consumer Credit Licence (CCL) requirements now in effect, there has been a decrease in the number of dealers who will be able to offer you finance which as a result, has led to more consumers looking at different options to finance their next car.

We covered this subject in more detail in a previous blog post, but wanted to expand by telling you more about our own recommended dealer list.

At Car Loan 4U we can approve you for a loan before you have even chosen the car you want, so you will know exactly how much money you can spend first.

The next step towards getting your car will often involve looking at a number of dealerships and this is where we can help you get the car you want with our recommended dealer list.

Car Loan 4U’s recommended dealer list was created to help you buy a car from any reputable dealership in the UK. It allows you to search for dealers in your local area – in essence we give our seal of approval that these dealers have met the strict criteria we have in place so you can be confident when buying your next car here.

You don’t have to use our list if you’d prefer to find your own dealership, but many of our customers find it useful to have a trustworthy starting point.

There has been a real focus on this particular area of the company which led to Claire Kelsall being appointed our Head of Dealer Strategy in July 2013, and the growth now means we have a team of six in place.

Our dealer expert Claire told me: “We personally invite dealers to be on our recommended dealer list, but we have strict criteria in place that they have to meet. It’s all designed to make sure that we only have the best dealers on our list that we can confidently recommend to our customers.

“It has also allowed us to build strong relationships with a large number of trusted dealerships across the UK, which in turn means we are able to provide better assistance for customers with the purchase of their next car.

“If there is an instance where a customer has looked into buying a car from a dealership which isn’t on our recommended list, we will check the dealer for them and if it doesn’t meet our minimum standard, we will provide the customer with five of our recommended dealers that are nearest to their area.”

You can view our recommended dealer list for yourself on our website.

We should also tell you that as a further added-on service, we have a home delivery option for customers through our preferred partner CarShop which means if you find a car you like on their website and call us with the details, we can have the car reserved for you for up to 48 hours free of charge and delivered direct to your door.

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