How often do you need to have your car serviced?

For conscientious drivers, keeping your vehicle in top condition is a key priority. Car servicing is a vital part of vehicle maintenance – but how often should you give your vehicle the once over?

As a general rule, the length of time left between car servicing is dependent on the type of vehicle. All manufacturers will issue guidelines over the recommended service interval for each of their new cars and this will usually suggest a service every couple of years, or once a certain mileage has been reached.

What about second hand car services?

For those who have purchased second hand cars, service intervals may be more complicated and, if they are old enough to have already passed their usual interval, more regular maintenance may be required.

For all cars, it is suggested that you monitor and check all vital components on a regular basis. This could help you identify any potential problems before they have the chance to escalate into common car faults.

A good time to complete a service or have your car checked is before you take it for an MOT. This will give you confidence in your car’s ability to pass and ensure everything is in working order.

Some individuals recommend completing a small service every year, with a larger service taking place biannually. However, it is important that you check vital fluid levels and car components every time you use your vehicle.

Can you complete car services yourself?

For those who want to cut the cost of car servicing, the DIY approach is often popular. For those with the knowledge and expertise, this should be fairly straightforward and workshop manuals can offer direction and assistance when needed.

However, it is important that only those who are confident in their abilities attempt to complete such acts – as DIY car repairs could prove more trouble than they’re worth. Ultimately, it is your safety and the safety of other road users which is at risk with botched repairs and servicing, and this means taking your car to a qualified mechanic is a far better investment.

For those who want the luxury of a new car which will not require any immediate servicing, new car finance can be obtained. These loans are available across the UK and can even be used to buy second hand cars, giving all motorists the chance to finance cars in this manner.

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