Is March madness about to repeat itself?

Is March madness about to repeat itself?

As we spring into March and new plates hit the road, it’s hard to resist the latest offers available from our favourite car manufacturers.

At the time, March 2015 was the best month this century for car sales with nearly half a million cars registered – a rise of 6% from the year previous, according to the SMMT.

But while car buyers can get excited about new plates and new models how can the more astute automotive lovers who know that there is far more value to be found in a used car, make sure that an older model is a sound purchase? If you’re someone who’s not prepared to pay for a brand new car but still like the idea of a nearly new vehicle, think about models that are about to be replaced. For example, 2016 will see Volvo launch the S90 as a replacement for the S80. Dealerships up and down the country will be keen to offer great deals on models that will see a newer version turn up in the not too distant future.

Plate changes happen in both March and September. Again, car dealers are keen to shift stock at these times to make way for new plates so deals can be had. The AA tell us that if you do 10,000 miles a year, the average new car will have lost around 60% of its value by the end of its third year. If you’re looking to update your car to a newer model but still looking at a vehicle that’s a few years old, it’s key to get some reassurance that the car you have your eye on is a sound purchase.

Here at Zuto, we provide free vehicle valuations and history checks on any vehicle you’re considering purchasing. We’ll also send you a list of test drive tips before you take something for a trial spin.

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