Most common car faults

An unfortunate fact of life, all cars encounter difficulties or faults from time to time. For drivers this is a major source of annoyance and disruption – but what can be done to prevent it?

The first thing which motorists need to do to address common faults is to identify what they are. This will help drivers take preventative measures to reduce the chance of breakdowns or accidents.

Batteries, fuel and tyres

Flat or faulty batteries are an extremely common problem for car owners. Connections and terminals are often the main culprit and constantly using your car for short journeys means voltage may be lost as the battery is not regularly re-charged.

Putting the wrong fuel into your car or failing to top-up the tank before a journey is also a widespread issue, as are underinflated or punctured tyres.

All of these faults can be addressed by keeping your car well maintained – one of the three pieces of road safety advice all drivers should follow.

Regular servicing of your car should always focus on crucial areas, such as the battery and tyres. Drivers should check the condition of these parts before any journey.

Keys and electrical components

Broken or lost keys and faults with electric components are also common problems. Electronics can often be difficult to fix yourself and this means repairs should be handled by professionals.

Smaller components, such as spark plugs, can often be replaced yourself. These are an essential part of your ignition system and you should always follow the car manufacturer’s recommendations over when to replace these.

How to protect your car

All cars are made of perishable parts and this means problems are likely to occur at some point.

To reduce the chances of this happening, the best advice is to keep your car well maintained and always drive safely. This is vital as not all accidents are caused by faults with the vehicle and the three biggest causes of accidents also include the driver and the road.

For those looking to buy a new car, consider which safety features are the best. Modern cars now come with innovative systems designed to aid drivers and these have made vehicles more reliable.

If you are worried about the financial implications of these features then remember car loans can be used to help. Guaranteed car finance UK is available on all major makes and model of car and even second hand cars can be purchased on credit.

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