Why do we have a recommended dealer scheme?

Why do we have a recommended dealer scheme?

At Zuto, we’re proud to give customers choice and flexibility. Our customers are free to buy their car from any reputable UK dealership, but we also have a list of recommended dealers which can be found through our website.

The purpose of the Zuto recommended dealer scheme is to create a network of trusted dealerships across the UK. It gives our customers access to a wide selection of vehicles so they have the choice and freedom to find a vehicle that suits their needs.

Through building strong working relationships with our recommended dealers we’re able to reassure customers that they are purchasing their vehicle from a reputable source. By offering a varied selection of local dealerships we also give them the flexibility to purchase within an environment most comfortable to them.

Buying a new vehicle can be a daunting experience for some people; what type of car to purchase? How economical is the vehicle? What’s the cost of maintaining? Do we purchase from a local independent dealer or franchised dealer?

The recommended dealer scheme is there to help our customers make an informed decision about their vehicle purchase and offers a trustworthy starting point for finding a car.

The importance of the dealership in the car buying process has become obvious to us as we’ve grown, so we decided to appoint a Head of Dealer Strategy in July 2013 to make our working relationships with dealers even stronger.

By working alongside our recommended dealers we’re able to ensure our customers have a seamless journey throughout the car buying process, enhancing their experience and taking the hassle out of car buying. If you’re a dealership interested in joining our recommended dealer scheme, or would like any further information, please contact our Dealer Strategy team on 01625 666035.

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