Do I have to pay a deposit?

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You do not need to pay a deposit to secure finance with Zuto. However, the dealer may ask you to put down a holding payment to secure the vehicle.

Before you pay the dealer anything, we recommend:

  • Calling Zuto to give us the car details – this way we can check the lender is happy to fully approve your choice. Some of our lenders will have certain requirements for the car they’re prepared to fund, so we cannot confirm your car loan until we’ve checked with your lender. At this time, we can also check complete a valuation and vehicle history check. This will make sure the car is being offered at a good price and has not been previously written off or stolen, or even has outstanding finance against it.

  • Ask what happens to the holding fee if you change your mind – is it refundable? If not, make sure you talk to us first!

  • If you want to pay for the car on finance in its entirety through Zuto, find out how this payment will be refunded to you once the sale has gone through and how long it will take. Try and avoid a cheque payment so you’re not outstanding a payment for too long yourself.

  • Unless you are paying this fee as part deposit for the vehicle in the long run, always try and negotiate a lower holding fee.

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