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How it all works

How Zuto finance works


Apply Online: Answer a few questions and we'll match you to one of our lenders

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  • We compare over 75 car finance options
  • Searching across 17 lenders
  • All quotes are based on the amount you want to borrow and your personal circumstances

Find or add a car: Search online or tell us about a car you've found

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  • You'll be assigned your own personal car buying expert
  • Search 1000s of vehicles from approved dealers
  • On hand to help you throughout the whole process

Sign the paperwork: Securely upload your paperwork and documents online

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  • You'll have your own account area which you can access anytime and on any device
  • A full summary of your application and next steps
  • Quickly and securely upload and download documents

Pick up your new car: We'll arrange everything with the dealer for you

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  • Your Car Buying Expert will help arrange everything with the dealer
  • All you have to do is pick up your new car

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April 2018

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Really very personal service that is a genuine broker service, not just a web based comparison site!! Excellent customer service and no pressure.


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EXCEPTIONAL! Brilliant and couldn't have asked for more. They was exceptional with patient, friendly informative staff. This is the easiest 5 star and recommendation that I have ever given to anybody. Thanks to Sean, Rebecca and Sophie at Zuto.


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Very good finance company always kept me updated on my application and made it very easy for me to progress and get my finance sorted and find my car! Very good.

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Zuto is a credit broker, not a lender. Our rates start from 8.9% APR. The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances. Representative Example: Borrowing £5,500 over 48 months with a representative APR of 19.9%, the amount payable would be £163 a month, with a total cost of credit of £2,295 and a total amount payable of £7,795.

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Frequently asked questions

Our experts have the answers

What is car finance?

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Car finance is a way for you to buy a new or used car by spreading the cost over a period of months. So, instead of having to pay everything upfront, you can split the cost into manageable amounts that are paid in regular monthly instalments.

There are four main types of car finance available through Zuto, the most popular of which is Hire Purchase, or HP as it's more commonly known. The other financing options are Personal Contract Purchase or PCP, Conditional Sales and personal loans.

Another term you may see when you start to look at buying a car is Car Leasing. However, Zuto doesn't offer this option.

If you see the term 'guaranteed finance', it's important to remember that no one can guarantee your application will be successful until they've taken your personal details, noted which car you want and checked your credit file. All of these things will make a difference to your likelihood of being accepted or not, so when you see the words ‘guaranteed finance', it's usually a good reason to be cautious.

Can I get car finance if I have bad credit?

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Yes, we can help people with a less-than-perfect credit history. You may find that you're not offered the great rates that someone with excellent credit history might get, but we may still be able to help you find a finance option to suit your circumstances.

Why don't Zuto charge any fees?

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Zuto is a broker, not a lender, so any charges we incur are covered by the fees we receive from the lenders for arranging your car finance with them. This means we can offer our services to you totally free of charge.

What vehicles can I buy with car finance from Zuto?

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Our panel of lenders will finance cars, motorcycles, vans and touring caravans.

We can also provide finance for more specialist vehicles, so whatever you're thinking of buying, give us a call on 01625 619 944.

If you don't have a car in mind, but you've already been pre-approved for finance, you can use the stock search tool in your online account area - My Zuto. This allows you to search for cars that you think you might like to buy from any reputable dealer. When you find something, you can add it to your Shortlist and we'll carry out the vehicle checks and provide a finance quote specifically for that car. Again, you can also give one of our car buying experts a call on 01625 619 944.

Why come to Zuto for car finance?

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The traditional way of arranging car finance is to take out a finance plan from the dealer when you buy the car. But if you sort things out with Zuto before you get that far, you give yourself three big advantages:

  • You know exactly what you can afford before you get to the dealer - you're negotiating from a position of strength
  • You've had the chance to make sure you've got a deal that's right for you. Dealers usually offer only a limited number of deals from one finance provider
  • You save time. We can deliver a lending decision quickly, often within seconds of submitting your application. Then we can help you with the admin, paperwork and negotiations with the dealer. That way, you can drive straight off in your new car rather than spending hours in the dealer's office

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