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Car Loan 4U Reveal Public Safety Fears On All Lane Running

The Government might be putting plans in place towards easing congestion on the motorways for all-lane running, but new research commissioned by leading online car finance specialist Car Loan 4U has revealed that a large percentage of UK motorists believe using the hard shoulder as an extra lane would be unsafe.

The research*, which surveyed 2,000 motorists in the UK, reveals that despite the frustration of delays and congestion on the motorways, 71% believe using the hard shoulder as an extra lane would be unsafe, while as many as 84% believe making the hard shoulder an extra lane would not improve journey times at all.

The Government has already faced strong opposition from the police and a number of motoring organisations over its plans to widen motorways by closing down the hard shoulder, with an overwhelming 90% of motorists surveyed against the hard shoulder being used as an extra motorway lane.

Other findings from the research showed that 44% admit having no safe breakdown area on motorways would put them off using them. Yet 42% believe there are lots of congestion problems on the motorway, but clearly they don’t believe that abolishing the hard shoulder is the answer.

When it comes to using the motorways though, there was a popular consensus, with only 16% admitting that they avoid using the motorways when possible, as little as 11% looking for a longer route rather than driving on the motorway and 12% believing that there are more accidents on motorways when compared with other roads.

Car Loan 4U Director Ryan Dignan comments: “I think that all motorists share a common frustration on the motorways when it comes to congestion, but from our research it’s clear that a majority of people don’t feel that abolishing the hard shoulder is the answer.

“Road safety is such a serious issue and the main concern is that so many motorists believe that these plans by the Government would be unsafe and that almost half would be put off from using the motorways in the future if these plans come into effect.

“I think the plans for all-lane running on motorways have already received a mixed reception from a number of authorities and gauging the opinion of motorists in the UK has further revealed the safety fears associated with squeezing extra volume from our motorways.”

The Government has also long toyed with the idea of increasing the national speed limit on the motorways from 70mph to 80mph, but despite these plans still rumoured to be under discussion, 47% of motorists believe that no one actually sticks to the speed limit on the motorways.

Although, only 18% believe that there are too many speed cameras currently on the motorways.

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*Source: 2,000 London motorists in August 2013, Redshift Research

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