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Fueling Emotion The UK's most talked about motorways

Using social data from Twitter, we’ve explored which UK motorways are talked about the most and how much attention they’ve received in the last 12 months. Our data also reveals which motorways have the most positive and negative tweets, so you can see where the most road rage comes from, and which roads make for an easy ride.

Explore the data below to see the 10 most talked about motorways.

Click the motorways on the table to highlight each road on the map

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Sentiment analysis

From the roads we fear the most to the ones we love to drive down, we can also reveal the exact sentiment for every motorway in the UK.
Filter the table below to see how each motorway stacks up.

No. of Tweets
Positive %
Negative %
Joy %
Anger %
Fear %
Disgust %
No. of Tweets: {{motorway.tweet}}
Positive: {{motorway.positive}}%
Negative: {{motorway.negative}}%
Joy: {{motorway.joy}}%
Anger: {{motorway.anger}}%
Fear: {{motorway.fear}}%
Disgust: {{motorway.disgust}}%

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