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Can I get car finance with a CCJ?

Having a CCJ can make it harder to be approved for car finance. Understanding what a CCJ is and how one can affect your ability to be approved for finance, are the first steps to consider.

What is a CCJ?

A CCJ stands for County Court Judgment, which is a type of Judgment in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland that can be granted against you if you fail to repay any debts that you owe.

Before you have a CCJ applied against your name, your debtors must issue you with a warning letter which should advise what you owe and how to repay. If this isn’t repaid, they will pursue legal action (in the form of a CCJ).

The Judgment will issue a deadline for repayment. CCJs are kept on record for six years, even after you have paid off the amount, and having one on your record can make it difficult to obtain car finance.

Some people don’t realise that if you paid the full amount of a CCJ within a month you can get the judgment removed from the register. Also, if you paid after a month, you could get the record marked as ‘satisfied’ on the register. You need to contact the court and prove payment to get the record changed and an administration fee will apply.

We’d recommend you look at any judgments against you on the Register of Judgements. This will cost £4. If the information on the register is incorrect, you can contact Trust Online, who will check the details with the court.

Can Zuto help customers with a CCJ?

If you have incurred a CCJ in the past, you are likely to have a lower credit score. Zuto work with a large panel of lenders who help thousands of customers get car finance with lower credit scores, so you’ve come to the right place.

We’re also keen to help customers understand how they can improve their credit score. Some simple tips are below:

  • Fix incorrect information on your credit report
  • Make sure you are on the electoral roll
  • Avoid making multiple credit applications in a short space of time
  • Pay your bills on time



Applying with Zuto doesn’t impact your credit score. We use your details to search our large panel of lenders to find you the best deal we can. If you are accepted, and choose to proceed with the finance offer, then this will show up on your credit file.

Written by

Mike Barlow

Content Manager

Mike has worked at Zuto since 2018 and uses his experience within the industry to help customers understand the ins and outs of car finance.

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