16-year-olds can now drive car-like quadricycles

New European Union law came into play at the weekend which means that 16-year-olds can now legally drive four-wheeled quadricycles in the UK.

The old 50cc moped category was enhanced with additional categories that let 16-year-olds drive both small three-wheelers and ‘light quadricycles’ that weigh less than 350kg. The car-like quadricycles are also capped to a maximum top speed of 28mph.

To be eligible to drive a quadricycle on the road though, 16-year-olds will have to pass Compulsory Basic Training, which includes both theory and practical tests.

UK manager for Aixam Mega Justin Bond said: “We have a number of dealers in place, through some of our existing network and new dealers interested in selling alongside either cars or motorcycles.

“People need to see it as an alternative to a moped, rather than comparing it to a car, and our experience in Europe shows that they are a popular first step towards driving a car, or a dry alternative to motorcycles in winter.”

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