250,000 UK motorists don’t know the national speed limit

Some interesting statistics have come to light this week, with a new study revealing that as many as 250,000 UK motorists don’t know that the maximum speed limit on the motorway is 70mph.

The Government may have drawn up proposed plans for an increase to 80mph, but as this is still in the pipeline, surely there’s no excuse for a quarter of a million drivers not knowing.

The stats in the study by the AA Charitable Trust shows that 8% (250,000 UK motorists) didn’t know what the speed limit was on the motorway, while 7% believed the speed limit was 80mph. Further still, 1% thought the speed limit was actually 60mph.

The study also showed that male drivers were twice as likely to say that the speed limit is 80mph compared with female drivers.

89% of motorists aged over-65 knew the speed limit, but it was the 18-24-years-old age bracket that came out on top, with 95% correctly identifying the speed limit on the motorway.

Director of the AA Charitable Trust, Edmund King said: “It is astonishing that 250,000 qualified drivers don’t seem to know the motorway speed limit is 70mph.

“Some confusion about the motorway speed limit for cars could well be down to the previous Transport Secretary floating the idea of raising the limit to 80mph.

“There is no reason why drivers shouldn’t be able to correctly identify the speed limit of dual carriageways and single carriageways.”

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