Are You Stuck in Commuter Hell?

Are You Stuck in Commuter Hell?

We love our cars here, but even if you love motors you probably don’t like driving in rush hour. Some new stats from Direct Line, based on info from their telematics black boxes, show which places in the UK are the worst for commuting delays. They also show the best places too, with commuters in York on average only having an extra 3.35 minutes added on to their journey during rush hour.

It’s something we think about here at Car Loan 4U. We try to recruit from Macclesfield and surrounding towns so it’s easy for people to get to the office, but we do also have people coming from Manchester, Liverpool and other places further afield. We appreciate that it’s tough and a waste of time to sit in traffic for hours, so we let people do flexible working and have some work from home days where their jobs allow it, to try and take the edge off the commute. On average most of our partners here have a commute of around 15 – 20 minutes. For a lot of people it’s less than that, which is obviously good for all sorts of reasons. Their pockets and energy levels, as well as congestion and the environment.

For some jobs though, that’s just not possible. If you’re needed in the workplace between certain hours, you probably can’t avoid the dreaded rush hour. A recent study showed that even if you try and avoid typical rush hour routes with "short cuts", you might actually add more to your journey because everyone else has the same idea!

What about you? Do you have a nightmare commute? Do you do anything to try and make it better? What do you think the impact is on your work, mindset and free time? Tell us on twitter using #MotorMoney.

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