Asda Fuel Mix-Up Leaves Birmingham Motorists Fuming

Asda Fuel Mix-Up Leaves Birmingham Motorists Fuming

Photography Credits: BPM Media

Dozens of motorists have discovered that they filled their cars with the wrong fuel at an Asda petrol station in Small Heath, Birmingham after the petrol supplier accidentally mixed up diesel and unleaded petrol storage tanks.

Unsuspecting drivers starting buying the wrong fuel from 10pm on Saturday, 17th October until the problem was identified and the station was immediately closed at 1pm on Sunday 18th October.

A victim told ITV News, “I put petrol from Asda Small Heath petrol station. Minutes later my car begins to lose power and start to jerk.

We were all very distressed as prior to this car was perfect.

I phoned Asda who told me that their 'fuel guys' had put the wrong fuel in. Consequently where I thought I was getting unleaded, I was, in fact, getting diesel.”

Asda have apologised for the incident confirming that it was an “isolated incident caused by human error” and that they are “incredibly sorry for any inconvenience this mistake has caused”.

Any drivers who believe they’ve been affected by this mix-up should contact Asda’s customer services team on 0800 952 0101. A spokesperson for Asda has confirmed that they are currently examining all potential claims for compensation on a case-by-case basis but have vowed “to put right” customer cars that have been damaged by this incident.

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