Behind the Scenes: A bit of boasting

I’m not usually one to show off, but I’ve got to say a bit of a public thanks to the whole team at Car Loan 4U. 2012 was an amazing year – we took on lots of new partners, and it’s exciting to watch the team grow and meet all the new people. We grew so much we had to expand our offices and now have taken over two floors of our building.

We set a record in 2012 for most deals in a month, but we smashed this in January. This is an unbelievable start to what should be a great year.

We’ve got some amazing things lined up, I think Ryan will be talking about some of the sponsorship projects we’re doing, but the thing which continues to make me most proud of the team as a whole is the feedback we get from customers. We’ve always aimed to go above and beyond and make getting car finance a really easy and non-threatening experience and the comments we get show that we’re achieving this.

Thanks to all the team and here’s to 2013!

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