Behind the Scenes: Are we influential?

2013 was a great year for Car Loan 4U in terms of recognition, and I’m really pleased that this year’s kicked off well too.

Motor Finance published their list of top 50 most influential people in the industry, and they had some brilliant things to say about Car Loan 4U! My partner Ryan was number 39 on the list, while director Carl Eccles was 19. Apparently I’m the 16th most influential person in the industry!

Recognition like this is obviously flattering for each one of us as individuals, but it’s more a reflection of the company’s success as a whole. We like to think we’re influential because of the service we offer. Car buying can be stressful for some customers and sadly bad experiences are more common than they should be. By offering the best possible service and looking out for car buyers, we hope that we’re influencing the industry to be a bit more customer focussed.

Motor Finance did a great write up about what we’ve achieved in the last year, and it made me think about just how much we have done. I’ve been so busy and it’s flown by I don’t often get a chance to stop and reflect on how far we’ve come, but when I do it makes me dead proud!

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