Behind the Scenes: The British Drift Championship

As I do more posts you’ll probably come to realise that I’m a bit of a petrol-head! I love cars and random driving competitions and challenges. Luckily my job at Car Loan 4U means that I can get involved in car related events and sponsorship opportunities.

Last year I went to watch one of the British Drift Championship trials and saw some pretty mad driving and skids! Great day out - the pictures are ones I took on the day.

So I was really excited when we got the opportunity to sponsor a drift team for this year’s Championship!

Car Loan 4U are sponsoring a team of 3 drivers – 2 semi-pro and 1 pro, who’ll be competing at five 2-day drift events between April and September this year. If you don’t know much about drifting, you can learn more about it on the main website. It’s basically about getting cars to drift round corners at high speed but takes some serious skill.

We’ve got a good bunch of guys in our team. You’ve got to be a bit mad to be a drifter and Matt’s decision to pilot the only Nissan 300ZX ever in the British Drift Championship certainly makes him stand out! This is why I like the guys though, they’re a bit different and not afraid to just give it a go.

The trials usually get good coverage on TV, in the past they’ve been on Channel 5, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 4, ESPN and Motors TV so it’s a massive opportunity for the business but also a really awesome and fun event to be involved in. I’ll be talking about it more once the trials start so keep your eyes open for updates and pictures of the Car Loan 4U Drift team.

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