Belgium WWII 'car graveyard' revealed

Soldiers serving in WWII were expected to sacrifice a lot for service of king and country, and now it appears that for US soldiers this also meant breaking the age-old bond between a man and his motor.

Pictures published in the Daily Mail reveal a haunting ‘car graveyard’ nestled in the woods near the southern Belgium village of Chatillon, where a spectacular haul of vintage motors has lain untouched for decades.

The classic cars are thought to have been abandoned by American servicemen, who hid their vehicles amongst the trees as they couldn’t afford to ship them home once the war had come to an end.

Since this time the cemetery has also become the resting place for other cars, including many from soldiers who were stationed in the area after WWII.

The car cemetery in Chatillon is just one of many around the world, from Switzerland to an underwater cemetery in Legrena, Greece.

A car cemetery in the Rocky Mountains in Montana is one of the largest car dumps around the world and spans a staggering 50 acres in the barren prairies of North America.

A chosen few vehicles from the site are snapped up for parts, recycled or even used as film extras in blockbuster movies.

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The themed rooms are equipped with unique props and memorabilia and are kitted out with genuine car parts from Morris Minors to Mercedes.

The V8 Hotel building was formally the terminal for the Boblingen Airport, opened in 1915, and is situated next to the Meilenwerk auto museum.

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