Big debate verdict: The practical driving test isn’t too easy – according to you!

As I write this, we’ve had 116 votes on our big debate blog post to get your verdict on whether the practical driving test is too easy, and the outcome is conclusive.

You have spoken and 93 of you believe that it isn’t too easy, compared with just 23 people who think that it is.

We’ve been delighted with the response we’d had to our first big debate post, for what has been a much-contested subject in recent weeks. The conclusion may heavily lean towards the fact that the test isn’t considered to be too easy by many motorists, but there have been plenty of other points raised for discussion.

A quick look at the comments box bought up some interesting points regarding the route of the test itself. It’s not just where you take the test that will be dependent on the route you get, but another factor could be the sort of traffic you encounter on the day.

As Freddie Crutwell mentioned, it does throw-up the suggestion that some people will be able to pass the test more easily than others, and brings up the question of whether each driving test, no matter the area it’s taken, should look to accommodate a certain amount of each type of road. Another commented on just how much anxiety can play its part on the day, which has currently led them to fail their driving test for a sixth drive. With many people highly dependent on being able to drive, especially for work and family, it does put the pressure on to pass, but at the same time it can play havoc with your nerves!

We spoke about the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) questioning the validity of the driving test and it seems our post has also coincided with the RAC coming out last week calling for action on young drivers.

The RAC are calling for improvements to be made to the driving test as well as tougher licensing rules in light of statistics that reveal 11.9% of all road accidents that result in injury involve teenage drivers.

With two motoring groups making their feelings known on the subject, especially in regards to young motorists and the high number of deaths on the road, it’s pretty clear that this is a very serious issue.

Yet this debate isn’t just centred on young motorists, with new research suggesting that the majority of experienced drivers would struggle to pass the test today, with more than three quarters failing the driving test in a recent experiment. We have a feeling that this is one big debate that may be ongoing for quite a while.

Make sure you look out for our next big debate blog post coming soon when we’ll be discussing what’s stopping you buying an electric car?

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