Classic cars of the 80's

Classic cars of the 80's

With the rise of 80's sports cars as the latest must-have investments, we thought we would take a look at some of the iconic motors from the period that are still proving popular in today’s market:

Audi Quattro

Recently revived in the BBC show, ‘Life on Mars’, the Audi Quattro revolutionised the world of rally, with its innovative four-wheel drive system. And this has carried on to the present day with a much loved feature on current Audis. They obviously got something right!

Ferrari F40

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We all know Ferrari is good at producing fantastic supercars, but the F40 is often considered to be the best ever. Ground breaking at the time and still immensely fast, Ferrari has built on the success of this iconic motor.

Ford Escort

This classic was originally introduced in the late 60’s but really came into its own in the 80’s, with MK3 and MK4 being produced in this memorable decade. It was so good; it actually took the number one sales spot during this period.

Ford Fiesta

Similar to the Escort, this British favourite was high up on the top selling cars in the 80's and has continued to prove popular today too. Ford introduced the original Fiesta in 1976 and brought it forward to the 80's to take the second most sold car in Britain in the 1980's. Sportier models were also introduced, such as the XR2.

Porsche 944

Often dubbed as ‘the proper’ Porsche back in the day, this beauty boasted a 2.5 litre engine initially, with more powerful versions coming later, notably the Turbo version which produced a decent 250bhp.


Initially created to enter Group A of the Touring Car series, this motor was put on general sale and proved pretty popular with petrol heads. With 192 bhp, this 2 door classic was no slouch and has been continually produced as part of the M series that BMW roll out.

Mercedes Benz R107 SL

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Many believe that this is the best of the SL range that Mercedes have ever produced, this was often perceived as the car to have in the late 80’s thanks to its peak performance and iconic styling.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk II

A very easy drive and again, a car that has continued to be upgraded and produced to the modern day. This front wheel drive is still as popular as ever but was arguably one of the best cars of the 1980's. Known as being easy to handle and fun to drive, this really was a great version of the still-popular VW Golf.

Delorean DMC-12

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Do we need to say anymore on this classic other than it was the time machine in ‘Back to the future’?! Not known for being the best car to drive (with the sales figures for it backing up this claim) but most certainly iconic during the 80's.

Vauxhall Astra

Constantly being produced and upgraded, this was a big selling hatchback of the 80’s that was rivalling the likes of the VW Golf and Ford Escort. A MK2 was also produced during this time, boasting a 2 litre engine, making this a true hot hatch legend of the 80's.

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