Compliance: we owe it to our customers

Compliance: we owe it to our customers

In April last year the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) took over regulation of the consumer credit sector from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). In February this year, I wrote about the rise of Fintech, I discussed how consumers had become more savvy in both searching for the best deal and demanding, quite rightly, better experience; all of this coming about following the financial crisis and the ongoing digital disruption.

Today, Zuto is one of few companies within the car finance category to have secured FCA authorisation* but I think it is important to mention that compliance has been at the forefront of Zuto since our inception.

The journey that a customer takes means everything to us. By investing in compliance early in our journey we have adopted it into every part of the customer experience. Being compliant is not and should not be about ticking boxes. Here at Zuto, our team recognise that we cannot deliver an outstanding interaction without ensuring compliance.

Customers come to us because we deliver transparency and take the hassle out of car buying but if we do not do this compliantly then the great experience they receive is worth nothing. Customers are smart; they want and deserve this reassurance and they shouldn’t have to ask for it.

*Factually correct at the time of writing in July 2015

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