Consumer Rights Act

On the 1st October new legislation comes into effect that is going to help eliminate dodgy dealers and put customers first when it comes to complaints and faulty goods.

Each year thousands of UK car buyers are ripped off and left out of pocket by unscrupulous dealers. From motors not fit for purpose to downright disgusting complaint procedures, its estimated that consumers are short changed to the tune of £55m^ each year from dealings with dodgy motors.

In response the new Consumer Rights Act has been created to give customers more power and protection and stamp out bad practices by hitting bad dealers where it hurts – their bank balance.

Under new law consumers will be awarded an ‘early right to reject’ – meaning anything purchased that is found to be faulty within 30 days, including cars, can be returned back to the vendor for a full refund. Also, anything found to be faulty within six months of purchase can also be returned to the dealer/manufacturer for a single chance repair, if this is unsuccessful then the consumer is eligible to request a full refund.

As a business we’ve built out entire experience around putting customers back in control of one of the biggest purchases they’ll ever make. Too often we’ve heard horror stories of customers being ripped off when dealing with dealers in the past and it’s about time legislation is introduced to stamp it out.

Buying a used car can be filled with a lot of stressful unknowns – including whether the car is fit for purpose or not - which is why we already conduct as many vehicle and history checks that our customers need to give them peace of mind.

However, we do know first-hand that there is already a large number of dealers out there that are exceeding customer expectations and providing all of the required measures as standard. Zuto works with over 700 Recommended Dealers that enable us to ensure our hassle free end-to-end service continues after customers leave the forecourt.

There will always be unforeseen circumstances where a customer might need to return a vehicle due to a mechanical issue. How a dealer manages and fixes the problem, quickly and efficiently, is what sets them apart from the rest of the industry and we’re fully supporting the introduction of the Consumer Rights Act to ensure that consumers are being treated fairly across the industry as standard.

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