Do you own one of the most stolen cars in the UK?

Do you own one of the most stolen cars in the UK?

This is a question we bet every car owner wants to know the answer to – what is the most stolen car in the UK?

But what are you going to do if yours is on the list? Would you do anything about it? What could you do, apart from park it in a garage every night. And what about in the day time, what would you do then?

There are lots of questions, so we’ll try to give you some answers, starting with the big question –the most stolen cars of 2015.

To find the answer, we looked at data posted by the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, or NaVCIS for short. The figures you see below show you the number of cars stolen, per 1000 cars on the road.

This is a top ten, but there's more than model with the same steal-rate, if you see what we mean.

Model and thefts per 1000 cars on the road

  1. Audi S3 - 8.6

  2. Land Rover Defender (bet you weren’t expecting that) - 5.8

  3. Land Rover Range Rover - 3.8

  4. Audi Q7 - 3.7

  5. Ford Escort (that’s another shocker!) - 3.6 `

  6. Audi A5, BMW X5 - 3.1

  7. Toyota Hilux, BMW 5 Series, Mitsubishi Shogun - 2.4

For most of those cars it’s not hard to see why they are desirable, Audis and Range Rovers look nice, perform well and are pretty high value. But a couple, like the Ford Escort and Land Rover Defender may have had you exclaiming, ‘eh?’ Is your car on the list?

If it is, don’t panic, there are things you can do. We’ll call these common sense security measures, because you really should be doing them already.

Common Sense Security Measures

Now, we don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs, but it’s always worth going over the basics again. After all, the biggest risk to any car being stolen is something the owner does, or doesn’t do.

And it’s also worth bearing in mind that while you can make your car less attractive to thieves, you’re never going to make it 100% steal-proof. And, according to Thatcham, only about 43% of stolen cars are recovered by the police. So, if you’re unlucky enough to have yours stolen, prepare to say goodbye forever. Unless you have a tracker fitted that is, but more about that later.

So here are the egg sucking instructions:

  1. make sure you lock the doors, close the windows and sunroof and don’t forget about the boot either. And do this no matter how long you’re going to be staying away from your car, even if you’re only nipping into the shop or popping into the garage to pay for your petrol.

  2. park in a garage, if you have one, as it's the ultimate deterrent – well it’ll put of most opportunist thieves anyway. Of course you can’t always do this, especially when you’re away from home, so when that happens, and especially overnight, try to park in an open, bright, CCTV-laden area.

  3. sometimes the old things are the best and in the case of stopping someone making off with your pride and joy, you can’t get much better than a steering or hand brake lock. Yes, after going all high tech, with immobilisers, it now seems that keyless entry systems are a big security risk. And that’s especially true for high end motors, like the ones recovered by Tracker. Their top 10 most stolen cars of 2015 included 4 high-end Mercedes, 2 BMWs, 3 Range Rovers and an Audi – all keyless entry. So, the best way to protect against that is with a physical block. And to save you having to go searching for yourself – here’s the 2016 champion, as chosen by Autoexpress.

  4. get a Thatcham rated alarm or immobiliser. After just talking about how the older tech is the best, we’re going to suggest you fit an alarm and immobiliser. The evidence for alarms having an impact on the rate of theft is dubious these days, too many alarms going off make people blind to it. And it probably won’t deter the most determined of thieves, but it will put off those pesky opportunist thieves.

  5. have a tracker fitted, but only if your car is high-end, or has sentimental value of some kind and you’d really want it back. So, while getting these things fitted to your car won’t keep it from being stolen, they will reduce the risk of theft and your insurance premium too.

  6. never leave your keys where someone can steal them, even in your house. You know the old coat hanger through the door trick!

If you do some, or all, of these, you’ll be reducing the chances of your car getting stolen significantly, so they’re definitely worth it.

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