Dodge Caliber – Dodgy or doable?

Dodge Caliber – Dodgy or doable?

If you’re not a regular reader of the motoring press, you might not be familiar with the tale of Dodge in the UK. You might not even really be familiar with Dodge.

It’s an American make, part of the Chrysler family. However the Brits never really fell in love with this big, rather clunky make from across the pond and a few years ago Dodge was retired from the UK altogether.

Obviously though, some people had purchased Dodge Calibers and other models, and some of these people are selling them used.

So should you consider buying a used Dodge Caliber?

Well, if you’re looking for a big car with great suspension for off-roading, and you’re into your handling, then probably not to be honest.

If the word in that sentence which most appealed to you is “big”, then read on. Calibers are spacious and comfortable, and one of the most attractive things about them is the price. Here at Car Loan 4U we financed 10 Dodge vehicles last month, 4 of which were Calibers. We provided car finance for Calibers ranging in price from just over £3,000 to around £7,500. There are plenty of models listed online for similar prices, and you get a fair amount of car for your money.

If you’re looking for a large family car, and interested in a Range Rover or Honda 4×4 type model, but perhaps you’re put off by the price tag, this could be just the car for you. It has ample boot space, and you can add extra by folding down the seats which is easy to do. You sit high up but there’s plenty of head room. It’s rated highly for safety, reliability and practicality, and comes with some great extras. For example, you can get an air conditioned drinks fridge with room for 4 bottles. Great for long journeys with children.

While some of the reviews from official motoring publications and car fanatics aren’t that favourable, reports from actual owners tend to be very positive. In particular drivers tend to focus on the space and comfort they get for the price – most find it really reasonable compared to similar models on the UK market.

So if you’re looking for a big bargain, why not check out some Dodge Calibers online and see what you can get for your budget.

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