Fast Dates: Will it be fifth gear romance for Hannah and Jordan?

Our fourth and final Fast Date sees Hannah, 21, and Jordan, 26, climb into the back of Cupid's Hatchback for three laps of romance, Prosecco, and physical challenges. Hannah is a student, while Jordan describes himself as a poet. Will his high-speed rhymes win Hannah's heart?

We had them fill out a questionnaire to ensure they didn't hold any violently opposing opinions – do their answers give any clues to the future of their courtship?

Describe yourself in three words.

Hannah: Kind, loyal, happy.

Jordan: Really white teeth.

Hannah sounds nice so far. Jury's out on our shiny-toothed Ginsberg.

Favourite car?

Hannah: My baby blue Fiat Panda – the ultimate OAP car.

Jordan: Morris Minor

So they're both into old people cars, then. Could there be sparks after all?

Ideal man/woman?

Hannah: Kit Harrington

Jordan: Rich


What's your party trick?

Hannah: ABBA karaoke.

Jordan: Beat boxing.

We'll let both of those speak for themselves, we think.

Weird crush?

Hannah: Benedict Cumberbatch

Jordan: The ginger woman off Emmerdale circa 2010.

A quick Google tells us it's Kim Thomson. Her character's name was Faye Lamb, and she sued her boss and then used the settlement to start a new life in San Francisco. Will Hannah and Jordan's future be similarly soapy and exciting, or will their relationship stay stuck in first gear? Tell us your prediction on Facebook or Twitter @Zuto with #FastDates.


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