Introducing Fast Dates: The new dating game

Tinder. Office romances. Dating sites. Drinks at the pub. It's all rubbish. If you ask us, the dating game needs kicking into high gear. So that's what we did.

With our rally car driver Cupid behind the wheel, we strapped two people who had never met into a reasonably-priced hatchback, to see if they could find love in the fast lane.

We matched up eight willing volunteers, gave them a bottle of bubbly and a fun first date activity to break the ice, then took the corners fast to see how they'd handle it.

At the end of the date, each person gets marks out of ten – with the highest-scoring pair winning a dinner for two, to see if they still get on once the motor's done running.

Two singles. One car. Five gears. Three laps. What happens when first dates become Fast Dates?

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Episode 1: Will Mali and Patrick find love in the fast lane?

Episode 2: Will Rachel and Ian hit it off or hit the brakes?

Episode 3: Will it be love on four wheels for Laura and Marc?

Episode 4: The finale! Will it be fifth gear romance for Hannah and Jordan?


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