Five things to do before a long journey

With the British summertime officially underway, drivers across the country will soon begin departing for holidays and trips across the UK. With any long journey, there are numerous preparations which need to be made before you can set off – here are five of them:

  1. Perform maintenance checks

All cars should be well maintained to ensure they always work at their best. When preparing for long journeys, it is important that you check vital parts including the fluid levels and condition of the tyres. Investing in a car service to reduce the risk of parts such as filters and fans breaking during your trip is also recommended.

  1. Plan your route

Whilst a number of modern cars come with satellite navigation devices built-in to the dashboard, it is still important that you plan your route carefully. Obtain directions from the internet or use road maps to give yourself a rough idea of where you’re going.

  1. Fill the tank

This may seem an obvious point but it is surprising how often it is overlooked. Make sure you fill up your tank before any long journey and keep a close eye on your fuel gauge when driving.

If you are likely to make long journeys regularly then it may be worth investing in a more fuel efficient car. A finance calculator can help you ascertain how much loaned money you can receive to help afford this cost and there are plenty of options for those who want to buy a car on finance.

  1. Plan regular breaks

Long bouts of continuous driving can be hazardous, so make sure you plan regular breaks to combat driver fatigue. If possible, share the driving with another person.

Make sure you only stop when it is safe to do so and give yourself a few minutes to stretch your legs and get some fresh air before getting back behind the wheel.

  1. Pack the supplies

For any long car journey there are a number of essential items which you need to pack. Along with the general safety equipment – such as a first aid kit, torch and car tool kit – you will also need to take care of in-car entertainment.

If you choose to play music then make sure it is at a reasonable and safe volume. Ensure that any devices such as mobile phones and sat navs are mounted in your car correctly and are not operated manually whilst driving.

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