Get ready for a drive through time at 88mph...

Get ready for a drive through time at 88mph...

It's October 21st, 2015 – a very special day for Zuto's favourite time-travelling 80s adventure! On this date, a certain teenager arrived from the past and was astounded by everything he saw – some of which we actually have now. Hover technology, instant pizzas, lasers, 3D films… what a time to be alive!

Time travel still remains the dream technology, though. It shouldn't be that hard, should it? We've had everything a certain white-haired scientist had to build time a machine for thirty years. Digital displays, plutonium, the lot. The mysteries of the space-time continuum should be well within reach.

The only question is, which car would you stick your time circuits in? We all know the rules, of course: it's got to be able to hit 88mph, and it needs to have plenty of style!

We surveyed the nation to find out which classic cars would be the most popular choices for taking a trip to the future and back again. We made the necessary modifications, worked out how long it would take to get up to 88mph, and took a trip through time.

We also went forwards a little bit, and picked our leading candidate for the car that may actually be able to break the time barrier in ten years' time.

Celebrate this iconic day in the history of time travel with our new onsite animation, which beautifully shows these iconic cars with a whole new lease of life... and purpose! Hit the pedal, speed up to 88mph, and glide through the 80s, 90s, 00s, on to the present day – and right into the future – in style.

So click here to take a trip at 88mph in the slickest time machines around – as voted by you!

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