How does the Consumer Rights Act 2015 protect me as a car buyer?

How does the Consumer Rights Act 2015 protect me as a car buyer?

The Consumer Rights Act came into force on 1st October, 2015 and replaces the former ‘Sale of Goods Act’. The latest legislation provides much greater clarity on how businesses and service providers should behave and looks to rectify problems for consumers, in the event of goods or services not turning out to be as expected, and it has some specific rules and guidance for the motoring trade.

The law applies across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland if you buy a car from a trader, they must ensure the car is of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and crucially, if buying a used car, ‘as described’.

If your vehicle falls short of any of these requirements, you, as the buyer, are entitled to return the vehicle within 30 days of buying it for a full refund. This is known as the ’30-day right to reject’.

Furthermore, if you find a fault after the initial 30 days but within six months of purchase, you are entitled to request a repair, a refund or a replacement. The law falls in favour of the consumer (buyer) and assumes the fault was there at the time of purchase unless the seller can prove otherwise.

In the first instance, the dealer has the right to repair the problem. If they do, they only have one attempt and should they not be able to fix it, then you are entitled to a refund unless you agree to give them more time to fix it. With the purchase of a car, the amount of the refund is subject to wear and tear given that you will have started to increase its mileage as soon as you drove away from the dealership.

Things to remember if wanting to claim under the Consumer Rights Acts 2015:

• A private sale is not covered by this legislation

• You still have rights after six months from the original purchase date but as this point you as the buyer will need to prove the fault was there at the time of purchase

• If the faults have been made clear to you before the sale, and you chose to go ahead with the purchase, you will struggle to make any claim

• Equally, if you missed something glaringly obvious at the point of purchase, such as a dent, you will struggle to make a claim

• The Consumer Rights Act also covers service, repairs and maintenance and not just your original purchase of the vehicle

Header - How do I exercise my rights under the Consumer Rights Act if I have problems with the car I purchased?

It’s important you enter into dialogue with the retailer you bought the car from in the first instance. If you don’t think they are acting appropriately and you purchased the car through Zuto, we’re happy to offer support. Call us on 01625 619 944.

If you have entered into a Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Plan, Fixed Sum Agreement or Conditional Sale Agreement, you can also speak to your lender for additional support. They should be prepared to help fight your cause with the seller because the vehicle is written into their lending arrangement with you.

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