How to reduce noise pollution with your car

For the average motorist, there are a number of things which will get on their nerves. From tailgating drivers to road works - the road is full of nuisances and finding ways to reduce these is vital for the sanity of any driver.

Yet, according to data from Australia, it is not poor driving habits but noise pollution which is the biggest problem. According to a new survey, 35% of those aged above eighteen years stated noisy driving as the biggest anti-social problem they face in their local area, with dangerous driving slipping into second place after 34% named it as a key concern.

British cars and noise pollution

Over in Britain, these problems also afflict a large number of drivers. Congested traffic is often considered the main source of contention, with even the Government addressing roadwork disruption in an attempt to improve driver satisfaction on the roads.

Noise pollution from traffic is also fairly common and is said to affect 30% of people.

How to reduce noise pollution

Whether you personally suffer from noise pollution from vehicles or not, you should make an effort to reduce your own vehicle’s noise output. Simple acts such as keeping your windows closed when listening to music and avoiding obscene revving can allow your car to run as quietly as possible.

This is not only beneficial to the surrounding environment, but can also enhance your driving experience by making it more enjoyable and allowing your concentration and focus behind the wheel to be heightened. This means you will be safer on the road and can match your driving skills to your vehicle.

New cars

Another way to run a quieter car is to invest in a more modern vehicle. Manufacturers are dedicated to producing eco-friendly cars which keep carbon emissions and noise pollution low. 2012 has already been named as the year for ‘greener vehicles’ and many also feel it will see the end of ‘bad’ cars – making it the perfect time to invest in an upgrade.

Those concerned about the cost can take advantage of car loans to help them, offering guaranteed car finance UK for all major manufacturers.

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