More Celebrations as Car Loan 4U’s named "83rd Best Small Company to Work for"

I feel like I’ve been celebrating a lot lately. Last month we received £8 million in investment from SEP to take the company to the next level, and last night we were named 83rd best company to work for in the UK, at the prestigious Sunday Times ceremony.

83rd best company in the country.

I could not be more proud. Getting the company on this list has been an ambition of mine from day one, not because of the exposure but because it’s proof that we’re developing the right culture at Car Loan 4U. The list’s based on the results from a survey which employees take anonymously. They’re under no pressure to exaggerate or say anything they don’t want to, they don’t even have to participate. But our staff did participate and had some amazing things to say about how they feel about the company.

81% feel that the leaders here care about their job satisfaction – our aim for next year is to get it closer to 100%! They also spoke about how they appreciate the events we do here and the fun we have, as well as the fact that we offer training and resources to help them succeed and be passionate about their work.

We’ve always said that we never want someone to dread coming into work or have that Sunday night back to school feeling. Having happy staff makes it a better environment for me and everyone else, it means that the amazing people we employ will want to stick around long term and I truly believe it rubs off on our customers and gives them a positive experience with us. No customer wants to speak to a miserable advisor who clearly hates their job so we try to make sure this never happens at Car Loan 4U.

This year’s already got off to a flying start, I can’t wait for the next nice surprise!

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