New measures to revoke driving licence from short-sighted motorists

The police are to be given new powers to revoke driving licences within hours from short-sighted motorists who fail a roadside eye test.

This measure is being taken to prevent them posing a risk on the road to other drivers and is in light of ministers receiving a 45,000 signature petition to implement “Cassie’s law”.

This is in memory of Cassie McCord, a 16-year-old girl who was killed by an 87-year-old driver who failed an on-the-spot police eye test just three days earlier, with police having to wait for the licence to be revoked by the DVLA.

The changes now mean that police officers will be able revoke a driving licence within hours if a motorist fails a roadside test by directly emailing the DVLA to begin the revocation process.

This is opposed to previously having to do the procedure via post, which could take at least four working days.

The road safety minister Stephen Hammond said: “The DVLA and the police have worked closely to greatly streamline the process for revoking a licence when the police identify that a driver’s eyesight is inadequate.

“The decision whether to revoke a driving licence on medical grounds remains with the DVLA, though the process for informing drivers that their licence has been revoked has now been accelerated.”

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