New Year car resolutions

New Year car resolutions

So another Christmas has been and gone and we are now here in 2016. And with a New Year normally comes New Year resolutions.

According to, only 8% of people actually go on to achieve their resolutions but we think this can be improved upon, particularly if they are resolutions for your car and making sure it’s given the TLC that it deserves. To help, here are our top tips that could be your car resolutions this 2016.

Keep it beautiful

You’ve got a car that you love, that you drive around in for hours each week, but it’s full of dirt and looks like it needs a good wash. Try and show your car a bit of affection by keeping that exterior looking shiny and new. A hose and a bucket of soapy water can go a long way, but we get that in the cold months, this might not be too appealing. There’s an alternative – you can get a basic wash at your local car wash for around £3 or splash out every now and then with a bit of wax for £5-£6.

Look after the inside too

Cars are notorious places for all your worldly belongings (and rubbish) to collect. And it doesn’t look great going to pick someone up for a date, your parents to go for a meal or just your friends to nip to the cinema if they have to shove the empty drinks bottles to one side and move your gym bag off the back seat. So this New Year, why not see if you can keep your foot-well clear from rubbish and you’re washing in the washing basket … in your house!

Keep on top of maintenance

Of course you will always be making sure that your car is M.O.T’d and up to date with its servicing, but a bit of regular maintenance will go a long way in ensuring your car runs smoothly and preventing any little mishaps. So make sure your oil levels are correct, you’ve always got washer fluid, your coolant is present – and that’s just under the bonnet.

It’s also important to check that your tyres are properly inflated and have enough tread, your windscreen wipers actually wipe the rain away, rather than smearing it across your windscreen, obscuring your vision.


We have given you some insights on eco-driving earlier this year. But for a catch up, please click here. Eco driving is becoming more important every year and the emergence of electric/hybrid cars is testament to this. Perhaps consider an alternative to your petrol motor in the future?

But if you’re happy with the car you have, then ensure you are doing all you can to drive to help the environment. That means driving smoothly, sticking to speed limits, making sure tyres are inflated properly and you’ve kept on top of the car maintenance.

It’s important to note that in order to minimise depreciation of your car’s value, The AA recommend keeping the car in good, clean condition, keeping on top of servicing and keeping a comprehensive service record and attend to repairs promptly. All of this can be achieved by sticking to the above resolution ideas.

So whilst New Year’s resolutions may not be the easiest to keep (especially if it means something like giving up chocolate for a month!) then why not try out our suggestions above. We promise that they aren’t too hard to stick to and will help pay off in the long run, by ensuring your car looks and runs in top condition.

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