Off to the Euro’s in your car?

Off to the Euro’s in your car?

The European Football Championships kicked off in style this week and approximately 500,000 of you will be heading over and under the English Channel to France to soak up the atmosphere.

Some of you will, no doubt, be taking your cars along with you, after all, who can resist the chance of bringing back a few bottles of wine in the boot. And that got us thinking about how much preparation drivers do before they head off to drive in another country.

It seems the answer is, not very much! Research from Insurance4carhire shows that, in a survey of 2,000 UK drivers, 46% got French road signs wrong.

But that’s not all. Not only do we Brits not know the road signs of France, we also don’t seem to know very much about the law when it comes to the road either. For example, according to our research, six out of 10 drivers are not aware that they need to carry a breathalyser when travelling in France.

Now, we don’t need to tell you how dangerous this is, you just need to imagine not knowing the road signs. And if you don’t know the law, you could end up breaking it, driving recklessly, and landing yourself in trouble with the police, without even realising it. This can, and does, put you and other road users in great danger.

So, if you’re thinking of heading across the channel into France this summer, whether it’s to watch the football or just for your holidays, take our quiz and test your yourself on the essentials before heading off.


a. No passing

b. No double parking

c. Dual carriage way


a. No parking

b. Stay left

c. Closed to cars


a. Minimum speed

b. Maximum speed

c. Meters to next motorway exit


a. No entry

b. National speed limit applies

c. Roundabout ahead


a. Road ahead closed

b. You have right of way

c. Warning of school nearby

Answer these as true or false:

  1. It is illegal to use your headphone whilst driving in France.

  2. The drink drive limit is the same as the UK.

  3. It’s legal to speak on your mobile as long as you use a hands-free kit.

  4. You must carry an extra container of fuel if your journey is over 100km.

  5. The emergency services number in France is 112.

Now check how well you did, and if you’re going to France and you got less than 50% right, hit the books.


  1. No passing

  2. Closed to cars

  3. Minimum speed

  4. National speed limit applies

  5. Priority road, you have right of way

  6. True – yes, it is illegal to use your headphone whilst driving in France.

  7. False – it’s 0.5ml of alcohol per ml in France, which is a small beer.

  8. False – it’s illegal to speak on your phone, even if you’re using a hands-free kit.

  9. False – there is no requirement to carry extra fuel for any journey length.

  10. True – this is the correct emergency services number.

The research for Zuto was carried out by Opinion Matters between: 26th May, 2016 and 02nd June, 2016. Sample: 1,455 UK Adults with a Full Driving Licence.

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