£1m Classic Lamborghini Catches Fire in London

An ultra rare yellow Lamborghini Miura SV worth around £1 million pounds caught fire in Acton, London and to top off the owners’ woes the moment was sensationally caught on video via a Smartphone by a member of the public. Thankfully nobody was hurt in the blaze and you can watch the shocking video footage below.

The classic Italian Lamborghini Miura SV with its timeless curves and its epic 385bhp -180mph V12 engine, was being driving through Acton in West London when the fire broke out. While the cause of the blaze in unclear, the flames rapidly engulfed the beautiful 1970’s supercar leaving it in a terrible burnt out state by the time the London Fire Service arrived to extinguish the flames.

The most incredible news that comes however is the fact that the owner intends to restore it back to its original beauty. As the 1970’s Lamborghini Miura Spinto Veloce was dubbed as the ‘first modern supercar’ and is such a rare model, it is not surprising to hear of the owners intentions but the cost of such a restoration could cost as much as the car itself.

The version of the Miura that caught fire in Acton was the faster and lighter weight SV model of the three types that was produced between 1971 and 1973.

Here’s the heart breaking moment that the Lamborghini Miura was caught on video burning in the road.

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