Range Rover Evoque to Get 9-Speed Gearbox

The Range Rover Evoque will be the first production vehicle ever to have a 9-speed automatic gearbox. Range Rover is expected to demonstrate a prototype model at the Geneva Motor Show.

Land Rover has partnered with technology experts ZF to come up with a prototype. However, Land Rover has also made it clear that it is the leading partner.

Global brand director of Land Rover, John Edwards expressed his enthusiasm and said, "We are extremely excited about the 9HP which has been tailored exactly to dovetail with the unique attributes of our vehicles.”

"It will add another layer of performance, refinement and efficiency, further enhancing Land Rover’s world class abilities,” he further added.

One of the key enhancements that are expected from this new nine gear vehicle concept is definitely acceleration. The other factor is that this innovation would be helpful economically.

While it is ZF that has worked on such a technological move of extending the regular six gear to nine gear box, it has also made sure that the weight of the new gearbox in question is 7.5kg lighter than the old 6 gear box is.

The world’s first nine-speed gear box of the Range Rover Evoque has smaller ratios, which offers a greater acceleration rate, while improving the shift quality.

Industry experts believe that the ratio of its top gears will minimise its fuel consumption and produce a lower rpm.

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