Scream-filled fun on the racetrack

Scream-filled fun on the racetrack

Zuto’s co-founder Ryan Dignan has been giving generously once again. This time he loaned his car, and his time, to two worthy charities: the Irish Autism Association and the The Jay & Ellie Foundation, which also highlights issues around autism, for Fund-Racer 2016, a fundraising event held at Mondello Park, Ireland.

Autism affects a huge number of people in Ireland – adults and children alike –with the latest figures showing 1 in every 100 people are affected by it. And it’s one of those conditions that doesn’t really show on the outside, as most of the symptoms are related to behaviours.

Described officially as a ‘neuro-developmental disability’, autism can vary in severity considerably from person to person. The condition stops the areas of the brain related to social interaction and relationships from developing, making it hard for those with autism to interact with people. For some this just means they don’t really feel comfortable being around lots of people, for others it means being totally cut-off from society.

As we’re all aware of just how important relationships with other people are to making our lives happier, it’s vital that there’s a continued effort to raise awareness and understanding about autism. For these reasons, it’s easy to see why this is a really worthy day to be part of.

Ryan gave up his time to take brave-hearted kids and adults around the Mondello track in his white Lamborghini. Travelling at speeds of up to 110mph Ryan showed off his driving skills to give the thrill seeking passengers a lap of a lifetime. Commenting on the day Ryan said:

“It was a great day, it’s always good fun to be able to open up a car like a Lamborghini in the right environment – which is definitely a race track. And to be able to give people an unforgettable lap of the Modello circuit, and raise money for a great cause at the same time, is the perfect use of such a fantastic car.” Hold on to your hats folks.

And to top the day off, the cast of Mrs Brown’s boys turned up too.

Oh, and one last thing, how much would you like to hug the velvet Porsche? You'll need to scroll down past the picture or Ryan whizzing round the track. This unusual car was loaned by another generous racegoer.

Ryan scaring the wits out of people

Velvet Porsche

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