Speed cameras no more in the West Midlands

Motorists are always on the lookout for speed cameras across the UK, but in the West Midlands, they have now been scrapped.

It’s been reported that the final 73 speed cameras of a total of 304 have now been turned off across Birmingham, Coventry and the Black Country.

The reason why simply comes down to cost, with the Police unable to afford the funds needed to keep the fixed speed and traffic light cameras turned on, or the estimated £580,000 to upgrade the cameras to digital film.

It’s believed that turning the speed cameras off will make a saving of around £1 million a year.

The cameras itself will still remain in place and flash motorists who are speeding as a deterrent, but they won’t be carrying any film.

The alternative now for the Police to catch speeding motorists is to instead rely on mobile speed cameras at accident hot spots. This will see the number of mobile speed detection vans double to four.

West Midlands Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Garry Forsyth said: “The cameras currently in use require a major upgrade in order to remain effective and this would cost both police and local authorities a considerable amount of money at a time of a reduction across public sector budgets.

“However, we are committed to road safety and this is why we are due to increase the number of mobile speed cameras from April.”

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