Support is a Trickle Down Economy

Support is a Trickle Down Economy

This video was part of an interview I did for Vistage, a group I’ve been a part of for some time. It’s a fantastic set up, involving regular meetings with other business leaders and inspiring talks. One of the key points of the group, for me at least, is that it provides a support network. A lot of things at Car Loan 4U over the years have been new to me, and being able to share experiences with people in a similar situation, learn from them and, in turn, help them, has been so valuable.

Having this support network helps me feel confident in my decisions and able to do the best by the partners here – it has helped me to create a supportive environment for them with career progression and training. I like to think that this trickles down. That because everyone feels supported in their work, they’re able to support their colleagues, particularly any new starters. Even if you like your job, feeling unsupported can ruin it. Whether it’s not knowing what the future holds, having questions that you can’t find the answer to, feeling like you’re being expected to produce unrealistic results or not being able to discuss a problem – a lack of support can kill a workplace.

So if the partners here feel supported, they’re happy and able to do their best work. And the best thing we do here – better than great finance rates, better than fast payouts, better than bake offs – is support our customers. Checking cars, recommending dealers, helping them navigate the car buying market. Just being there at the end of the phone to have a chat and offer advice. This support can only happen when advisors have the resources and time. And they can only have the time and resources if management support them.

Everyone needs to have a support system in place for things to run smoothly and people to be the best they can be. And this starts at the top. I have a responsibility to be supportive, but also to seek out support so that I am being the best Director I can be, for the rest of the company.

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