Taxi driver becomes web sensation with his own brand of cab-aret

While most travellers are used to having a bit of friendly banter with their local cabbies, few would expect to be hit with a full blown comedy routine before the meter even hits minimum fare.

But this is exactly what awaits Edinburgh residents if they happen to chance upon Kenny Taylor’s, aka “The Shuffler”, taxi in the streets of the Scottish capital.

Taylor has been branded Edinburgh’s funniest cabbie after a two-minute video clip was posted online in which he dances to Queen’s You’re My Best Friend while driving down Princes Street, plays a set of imaginary drums, and entertains passers-by at traffic lights on Lothian Road with nothing more than two colourful hand-puppets and a novelty flashing nose.

He tells his passengers: “I’m known as the Shuffler. Mental, mental, chicken oriental. Psycho, psycho chicken in the micro…”

The short video has been viewed more than 5,600 times after being uploaded to YouTube last month by Sean Horsburgh, one of those in the cab.

He posted the caption: “So jumped in this cab yesterday hungover… And this is what happened hahah best taxi ride ever!”

Comments posted beneath the video ranged from “I actually ended up in his cab last night – I was really scared” to “Crazy dude but funny as”.

Thomas Figg, 29, a computer programmer from Morningside, stepped into Mr Taylor’s taxi on Thursday evening for a journey home from the Pleasance.

“We jumped in a taxi because the weather was rubbish. The show started as soon as the door closed and the fare light went on.

“The delivery was fast-paced, he mixed poetry, stand-up and sound effects. He rushed from one joke to the next. You can see this man is dying to be on stage, in front of an audience.

“He told jokes then, when the taxi stopped, his puppet would suddenly appear next to him. It was almost tempting to keep going on down the road, just to see what he did next. My only regret is I didn’t have a kazoo with me, or I would have joined him in a duet.”

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