The 10 best pressies for car lovers

The 10 best pressies for car lovers

Got a car lover in your life and need to find the perfect gift? Well, we’re here to help again – honestly, we just can’t stop ourselves! Not content with finding our lovely customers finance and a car, we also want them to get the perfect gift from their loved ones this Christmas.

So here’s a list of 10 gifts that we almost guarantee will make a very merry Christmas for the car-lover in your life.

Number 1 - How can you not want one of these? Okay, how can any petrol head not want one of these? It’s a great way to learn how an engine functions, and it works the same as a real one – it’s got lights and real V8 noises too. Available at Halfords

Number 2 - If you’re car lover is a bit of a technical drawing fan, these car patent documents will be right up their street. The images are transferred onto 100% cotton T-shirt and there are quite a lot to choose from. We liked this Delorean patent, which you can have transferred onto a T-shirt, but that’s just because of our love of Back to the Future! Available on Etsy – approx £13.00, plus p+p

Number 3 - Fancy a day out in London in February? Then get tickets to The London Classic Car Show for you and your friend. They’ll be loads to do and look at and with tickets starting at only £24, it’s not going to break the bank either.

Number 4 - Wanting to make a car lover out of a little one? Then these Brio Wooden Race Cars are perfect. The bright colours and chunky feel will be irresistible to little hands, so make sure you get practicing your brum, brum noises. Available from Not on the High Street – £10

Number 5 - And if you’re potential car lovers are a little older, this Lego Ferarri F40 is a great challenge. And, come on, you know Dads (and Mums) will be getting in on the action with this one. It’s a great way to fill a cold, dark wintry afternoon or two. Available from Lego– £69.99

Number 6 - Real FX are the next step-up from Scalextric. There’s no need for your cars to stay on the track using a groove anymore, with the Real FX the track and cars have sensors that keep them on the track. They also allow you to overtake when and where you want too, so it’s more like driving on a real track. Available Argos – £29.16

Number 7 - Fancy hurtling around a track in an F1 car at 200mph? We do too. That’s why we’re dropping hints like mad about this place – Let’s Race – in Surrey, UK. There are 10 networked, full motion simulators you can have a go in. Now really, what more do we need to say about this than, when are we going? Available from Let’s Race - simulators – £20 - £50

Number 8 - This is fun. It’s only a pen, but they’ve made the on/off switch, (is that what you call it?) into a gear shift. We’re easily pleased. Available on Etsy

Number 9 - Want something to keep your fingers toasty? These leather driving gloves from Dents, the place to go to buy gloves, are perfect. The Thruxton is a great buy for the lady car lovers in your life. And the Silverstone, that allows you to use the touchscreen on your device, is fab for the men. Available from Dents - Thruxton £49.00 – Silverstone £59.00

Number 10 - And this, well, we all want one of these – a heated lap blanket to keep you warm while you’re in the car, at home working, or wherever. It’s just great! Available from Qwerkity – £39.99

Honestly, if you can’t find something off this list to keep your car lover happy, there’s just no hope for them. Happy Christmas

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