The perfect car for winter

The perfect car for winter

It’s no surprise to learn a 4x4 will help you deal with all conditions, whether it’s heavy snow fall, icy roads or floods.

But while this might conjure images of a big SUV, along the lines of a Land Rover, BMW X5 or Audi Q7, if you’re looking for a car to help battle the elements, there’s definitely something out there for all budgets…


Land Rovers, BMWs and Audi models are at the higher end of the market. For example, looking on our friend Auto Trader’s site, a three year old Range Rover Sport, would be between £30,000 -£40,000, depending on spec and mileage. This is obviously a premium price and there are some cheaper alternatives on the market.

Long gone are the days when 4x4’s were for driving in the countryside. Increased popularity in recent times means most manufacturers have looked to add one to their product range. Some cheaper alternatives to the likes of Range Rover and BMW are the Skoda Yeti – a three year old could be yours for as little as £7,000 - and a Dacia Duster, with a slightly higher price for around £7,300.

Dacia Duster

Even the guys at Mini have developed models with 4 wheel drive! And whilst the alternatives may not offer the top-end luxury of a BMW or Range Rover, it does prove that there’s something out there for everyone and they will certainly tackle the winter weather.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a smaller model, some manufacturers offer 4 wheel drive on saloons and hatchback’s now too. Some great examples of these are BMW offering “X Drive” across all of their models and Audi providing “Quattro” on their cars. , as well as some cheaper models such as a 4 wheel drive version of the Suzuki Swift.

And then there’s the cross overs – a car that takes aspects that people love with normal family cars, blended with some key characteristics of an SUV, such as raised ride height and bigger boots. These include the likes of the Nissan Juke, which won Parker’s best cross over vehicle award, whilst its big brother, the Nissan Qashquai which is also an award winner. Some other great crossovers include the Peugeot 2008 and the Mazda CX-5.

But be warned - not all cross overs offer 4-wheel drive, even if they look like they should!

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