The Great Bank Holiday Migration

It’s the final bank holiday of the summer and MILLIONS of us Brits are set to hit the road for one last grasp at some quintessential British summer. Despite a decidedly unsettled weather forecast for the weekend, there’s no doubt that in true British style we’ll be ‘rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it’, packing out seaside towns, firing up the BBQ and partying hard at the last of the summer festivals – which for drivers means traffic jams!

In total, the AA predicts that over 14m will take to the roads this weekend making it one of the busiest weekends of the year! On key routes it’s expected to see up to 50% more traffic, building up congestion even without any accidents.

In addition to sheer numbers on the road, other issues facing drivers this weekend is cars travelling too closely together. When the car in front brakes a ripple-like effect occurs travelling miles down the line as each car slows down a little more than the one in front – until it brings traffic to a halt.

So how do you avoid traffic jam hell?

1. Traffic Forecasting

When planning your trip, take some time to thoroughly research all available routes. There are many websites you can use to map out your journey and get a rough idea of any delays.

2.Planing for problems

If you’re heading towards a popular tourist spot then allow for plenty of extra time to travel and allow even more if the weather is good! Additionally, avoiding the after-work rush might seem like common sense, but it’s one of the worst times to hit the road.

3. Take a scenic stop

Try to break up the tension and frustration often felt with poor traffic conditions by allowing plenty of scenic stops along the way. You can even turn your stop-offs into part of your holiday.

4. Cut the cost of motorway services

Stopping off at convenience service stops can prove costly on your wallet. Try to fill up your tank before travelling, and try taking a packed lunch. Alternatively, try filling up at a supermarket near the motorway. There are plenty of smartphone apps available to help you track local amenities while on the journey.

5. Breakdowns

If your car isn’t well maintained, due a service or MOT, a long journey could spell disaster for your bank holiday trip. The RAC has a list of checks you should make, while Green Flag has advice on what to take with you and what to do if you breakdown.

Whatever the weather or journey, here’s to enjoying the last of our 2015 summer!

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