The hidden perils of the speed camera trap

There are around 6,000 speed cameras on the UK’s open roads and it now seems that a new variant is currently being trialled in Malaysia, with the catch being that they are not quite as easy to spot as the more recognisable big yellow boxes we are used to seeing.

These cameras are actually being secretly hidden in the crash barriers along the motorways in a further bid to help to enforce speed limits on the roads.

Hidden or hard to spot speed cameras are certainly not uncommon, but this is certainly a new twist and perhaps a sign of things to come. Although before you are on the lookout when next driving your car, it initially seems that this new speed camera trap is currently only being trialled in Malaysia.

There are so many different types of speed traps and roadside speed cameras currently in use across the UK it’s hard to remember most of them, so Car Loan 4U has compiled the below list, so you can keep track of all those pesky speed cameras out there!

Gatso – Gatso are the most commonly used speed cameras, easily recognisable as the bright yellow boxes, which are located on the roadside and use radar technology to measure the speed of a passing vehicle.

Traffic Light – Another common speed trap, these cameras are located on traffic lights to photograph any passing vehicle which has driven through a red light. The cameras have a duel function and can also record the speed of a passing vehicle.

SPECS – SPECS speed cameras are located on the roadside, but from a much higher vantage point on overhead gantries. They have a minimum of two cameras which allows them to measure the average speed of a passing vehicle between two points on the road.

Speedcurb – Using sensors in the road to record when a speed limit has been exceeded, Speedcurb speed cameras are used to monitor traffic light offences and speeding offences.

Truvelo – Truvelo speed cameras are actually similar in design to Gatso, but instead they take photos of the front of the vehicle and use loops in the road which allow them to activate if a vehicle has exceeded the speed limit.

Watchman – Watchman are less common speed cameras which uses radar technology to monitor the speed of a passing vehicle in advance of it approaching. They also have a second camera for Number Plate Recognition.

DS2 – DS2 speed cameras are hard to spot, as they are a semi-permanent installation in the road. They use sensors and can cover two lanes of traffic travelling in different directions.

Mobile – Mobile speed cameras are used by police to carry out regular speed checks and to catch speeding vehicles. The police use a number of mobile and hand devices, for example the laser gun, which can often record speeds from around 1,000 feet away.

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